Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

 The Doll House is quiet this morning:  all the Easter visitors have left.

Joy, oh joy, the sunshine has returned.
T.S. Elliot wrote April is the cruelest month  and just when I had begun to slide into a summery feeling I find the morning bright but chilly with the heat all gone.
Gusts of wind get behind the dead leaves in the Hornbeam hedge and launch them into the air.  They come flying, like flocks of little birds, only to fall to the ground and clatter, crisply across the gravel.
Wonderful April: a month to delight, surprise, mislead and confuse our bubbling expectations of spring.



  1. Thank you for being my latest follower....I am now following The Doll House and beautiful it looks too in fabulous Norway!
    Best wishes,
    Julie x

  2. Hello Anna:
    What a beautifully written and presented post. And we are so pleased to have discovered you through your visit to our blog and the comment left, to which we have made reply.

    The dining room you picture has wonderfully restrained elegance, and we can so well imagine the departed visitors sharing good food and fun around the table. The blu glass on the window sill is particularly attractive.

    We are Followers.