Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer, Shrimps and Strawberries

The Doll House is not  beside the sea.  Nevertheless, when June gets underway and the days lengthen, thoughts turn to  shrimps and strawberries.

 So, every year in the second week of June,  the invitations are sent-out for our annual Shrimp and Strawberry Party.   We plan for a long evening around the table in the garden; ready to light lanterns and candles when the light fades.

 The shrimps are caught in the Skagerakk and cooked on-board the shrimp boats on their way into harbour.  Then, they are landed on an island, not so far from us.  So, we can find them in the shop, fresh from the sea.

This year, sadly, we were driven indoors by rain and a chill wind. 

So, much of the summer feeling was lost.

Even so,  lighting the candles indoors has its own charm, even on a summer evening.

 So, soon we forgot about the weather.

These shrimps should perhaps be called prawns but I must confess that I  I don't really know the difference.  Perhaps, it is all in the size. 

Then, there were strawberries, as promised.

A taste of summer.

Finaly, a little apology: some of these pictures were snapped after we cracked-open the champagne and are a bit wobbly.



  1. Hello Anna:
    What a wonderful idea your annual shrimp and strawberry party is. You obviously take great care over the table and its decoration as it all looks so very stylish. The lighted candles just adding that extra touch of magic.

    We are sure that in spite of the inclement weather a good time would have been enjoyed by all. Your strawberry pudding looks spectacular!

  2. I am sure everyone enjoyed your party-it all looks wonderful!
    Your lilacs are beautiful too.


  3. Oh Anna what a wonderful summer party. Shame about the weather, but your dining room is so very elegant. I love the chandelier and cupboard. Pavlova....mmmmmm! Thankyou for visiting and leaving lovely remarks. Yes, Lavender jelly is apple jelly, flavoured with fresh lavender and coloured with a few blackberries. It is quite sweet, but makes a change from raspberry jam on your scones. Have a wonderful Wednesday, love Linda x

  4. Hi Anna,
    I am so glad you were pleased to have the award because I enjoy visiting your lovely blog..
    The photos of your dining room look wonderful, just like a magazine, I definately want a chandelier now!
    Are shrimp and strawberry parties something traditional in Norway, it seems such a good idea?

  5. Good morning Anna, hope you enjoyed your coffee? I am so sorry I have given you so much work today. The comments on my blog don't appear until I moderate them and I haven't been on the computer to moderate them. I have changed the settings (I think) so that the comment will appear straight away, so sorry! Have a lovely day, love Linda x Oh and your pale pink geraniums are so pretty, I have some in a sort of lipstick pink, but I prefer yours.

  6. Hello Anna, thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment! In never fails to amaze me how many folk are kind enough to visit and leave a comment, and how far-flung we are. I've had a look around and like what I see too :o)
    Your Strawberry and Shrimp party looks so lovely. I really like your duel purpose chandelier - what a great idea!
    I laughed at 'Hell freezing over', so funny! But it was sad to see the apple trees little visitors displaced. I'll certainly be back though.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  7. Dear Anna,

    What a wonderful idea and it looks so lovely, so inviting, so beautifully decorated, and - being a keen shrimp and strawberry fan - my mouth actually watered looking at your photos! :-) A taste of summer, indeed!

    Wishing you a lovely summer!

  8. Hi Anna, thank you for stopping by my blog...I've just had a quick look thru some of your recent posts and I love your story about 'Hell'...did you take that photo of the orange sky...it looks amazing! What a funny story. Regarding my lavender post...I call all that old grey metal stuff gal as in galvanized metal...as in Australia we don't come across zinc buckets too often...those three little buckets may well be zinc...I'm not sure. Robx