Monday, 16 January 2012

Back on the white track

If I were to colour the month of January, 
it would have to be white,

even though some of you might argue that 
white is not a colour at all. 

I do not, however, spend January striving for the ascetic
life.  On the contrary, I cultivate life's little pleasures to
celebrate the whiteness of this, most melancholy of months.  
 A snow-like sprinkling of powdered sugar, a snowdrift
of tiramisu or the winter-white chocolate on the 
Ferrero mountainside.

Sometimes, the relentlessness of the white
January sky might feel oppressive.
Then, a certain slant of light
pierces the chandelier crystals projecting
ghost-like rainbows on the walls.

Or, a special visitor drops by.  This deer came 
to my garden on a cold, cold day and for a few
moments, out eyes met.

Now and again, there are some real surprises too.

Photo; Trine Sirnes

For instance, finding Trinny and Susannah, unexpectedly,
here in The Old Town.



  1. Hi Anna,

    To find a deer at the end of your garden....what a beautiful surprise! The snow looks magical and your sweet treats delicious.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  2. Your deer is beautiful. Wonderful that you could catch the moment when it passed. They are such quick and timid creatures.

  3. Hello Anna:
    What a wonderful picture of the deer. This is indeed a most treasured image which you have captured for ever.

    January is indeed a bleak month but, with the lengthening days, there is also the promise of spring being not too far off. Today the hoar frost has lifted with the most amazingly clear sun and azure blue skies. Suddenly, January does not seem so melancholy after all.

    Fancy finding T and S in town. What were they up to we wonder?

  4. You have a beautiful way of writing about the whiteness of January Anna. I think perhaps you have discovered the secret of my least favourite month of the year. Appreciation of the special things and colours that make this long cold month unique is something I will try to do. The days are getting longer and the month is half over so I'm appreciating that fact. Lovely photos!

  5. Oh, what a gorgeous deer! I have to travel at least 4 miles to spot one. Your food looks wonderful - you're making me hungry. Trinny And Susannah, more of a shock than a surprise ;o)
    Thank you Anna for your most kind comments, Mom and I feel so much better now and I should be resuming 'normal blog service' very shortly. Sincere thanks for your concern.
    Rose H

  6. Lovely, lovely - up to the point where those two very unpleasant women appeared! I would have turned tail and fled if I'd spotted them!

  7. Happy New Year!
    Lovely photos - I much prefer the deer to T and S though!
    Keep warm x

  8. Wowwww what a suprise and so beautiful from

  9. I know T and S aren't everyones cup of tea but I like them, most of the time!
    The deer is just beautiful, as are you photos.
    A bit late but Happy New Year to you.
    Lisa x

  10. Dearest Anna,

    What a lovely photos and I am with you on white flowers, especially the fragrant ones!
    Love to you,


    1. I love your elegant words and pictures - and was amused by the last photo. A deer in the garden was a much less unusual surprise to find here than the other two 'dears'! Axxx

  11. Hello Anna and happy New Year!
    I agree with you, white is perfect for January, such a relaxing colour after the Holidays frenzy!

  12. White is definitely a good colour for you in winter. My colour of the month for January's clothes, however, is black - another non-colour. I'm sure I just gained a pound just looking at your food photos! I wonder what programme T&S are filming now? Hopefully not too many naked women in that weather!

  13. Hello Anna, thank you so much for your kind words and for 'following me' I really appreciate that. Your blog is gorgeous with super photos, I love the way you group four of five together and the deer one here is beautiful. I look forward to browsing through your previous posts and to your next one, all best Essie x

  14. Hello Anna, yes I think you are right about white being the colour of January, but I am adding a bit of sparkle this year! I have decided to embrace winter and enjoy it for what it is, and not be constantly wishing for Spring. So we will see how I get on with that one!

    Thankyou for joining my little bit of madness, and don't worry there will be no murders!Love Linda x

  15. Sorry, I forgot to say the deer is gorgeous, and how exciting that you had a bit of celebrity in your neck of the woods! Love Linda x

  16. Hi Anna,
    I love white too! The deer picture is beautiful.


  17. Your images are beautiful. I agree, January is white but also light, increasing day by day to give us hope and a new beginning.

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  19. Anna,
    The picture of the deer is beautiful. I have been dreaming of a home in the mountains, and when I walk outside there is a blanket of snow surrounding my house. You are so lucky to have the snow, as we don't see it much in Southern California. Yes, white is a special color and is perfect for the month of January. Have a relaxing Sunday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. love white
    beautiful post with beautiful pics

  21. your posts are so utterly beautiful; you design your photos rather than snap them. I am totally envious. But I cannot believe that you eat the cakes and desserts yourself. I see you as a most elegant lady who would run from such delicacies lest they settled on her slim hips.

  22. I so agree...January is white. Your photos are lovely! thank you so much for visiting me the other day xoxoxo hugs for a great weekend

  23. January indeed feels white! Such a cute deer!

  24. White is the presence of all colors, the clearing of the slate for the changes that will be coming forth. Snowbells in February sometimes with a tinge of blue, Daffodils in March then tulips and leaves and green, and oh such a sumptions feast for the eyes and nose. January is the preparation, the palate cleansing, the caught breath just waiting to explode. Stillness and water burbling under the ice, the call of the goose, still traveling from pond to pond, the still quiet dawn of a new year.

  25. Dearest Anna,

    Funny, my white hyacinth is at the stage you are showing in this photo; a late bloomer!
    Please do visit my blog as I do have an award for you to pass on.
    Love to you,