Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Droplets of ruby red

We love strawberries, raspberries and even blueberries but there are no fanfares for the black and redcurrant season which   slips by very quietly.  So, today, I hope to make a case in defence of the redcurrant.

The redcurrant bush is very willing and fairly undemanding and in return for a modest-sized place to grow it will deliver a huge crop of ruby red berries at this time of year.

Little strings of glowing red berries hang in cascades beneath the leaves: ornaments ripe to be gathered.

The fruit is not naturally sweet like the strawberry or raspberry, so, it's a good idea to sprinkle with sugar and leave for a while before serving.  This sharp, slightly crunchy fruit is a  perfect summer dessert served with a cold, pouring vanilla custard. 

with panacotta or a custard cream

Redcurrant Juice 

Sweetened redcurrant juice makes a wonderful summer cordial.

It's so light and fruity and really refreshing, served ice-cold.

with something sweet:

just a mouthful of meringue;
why not melt gelatine leaves into warm, sweetened juice.  Set it aside in the fridge and wait for a perfect wobbly jelly.

Make redcurrant jelly preserve.

It is luminous and luscious: 

 tangy and sweet at the same time. 
It adds a zing to breakfast on the terrace.

Happy redcurrant days


  1. What beautiful photographs. Our redcurrants are over now, but the bush was dripping with scarlet berries just a few weeks ago. Some were eaten in fruit salads, some became part of my garden fruit jam and just a few were left behind, for blackbirds and thrushes to enjoy.

  2. Fabulous photos :o) Like the Dartford Warbler our red currants are over too. I've frozen them until I have time to make this years batch of jelly - though seeing the cordial I may just have a go at that too!

  3. Love your redcurrants' photo session!
    What can I say..maybe "cheers" holding a glass of your lush cordial in my right hand?!

  4. Lovely photos illustrate your paean to the redcurrant so well

  5. Too good to be true! Thank you so much! Hanne's favorite fruit!

  6. Lovely photos, the fruits look like little red jewels - the red currant jelly preserve sounds wonderful:)

  7. Dearest Anna,

    Thank you so much for showing my favorite fruit... Wish we could have them here but it is to hot to grow them. In Canada on a vacation I enjoyed them at the breakfast buffet. LOVE their tart taste, without the sugar.
    You made such a perfect post with them in so many different ways of preserving them. Indeed recurrant!
    Love to you,


  8. You've made me nostalgic for my little Yorkshire garden where we had a most prolific redcurrant bush - if only I'd read this before, I could have made much more of these little jewels. Gorgeous photos, lovely recipes! Axxx

  9. Dearest Anna,

    Just had to come back and see if there is anything of this yummy food left...
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  10. I'll say YES to all of that Anna! You have me drooling here. Especially the Pannacotta and redcurrants...yum! Your table outside looks equally delicious. I love that Scandinavian look of all white with a shot of red, so refreshing, just like your photos. Glad you enjoyed my pics, many thanks for your comments and visit. Much love, Linda x

  11. You've made the humble and (in my garden) almost ignored redcurrant into something extraordinarily attractive.
    This year's pickings are in the freezer, waiting to be added to the fruits for home made 'wine' but perhaps I'll sneak a few and use them for puddings. I make jelly too, which we use with roast game in winter.

  12. Hello Anna,
    Your photos are as delicious as the redcurrants!
    My redcurrants are over for this year too but next year, I will definately try something different from your suggestions.

  13. Such lovely images of those beautiful red droplets..I have not had red currents before...looks like I am missing out on something amazing. Hugs to you.

  14. it all looks sooooo delicious! i love that "pop" of red! ahhhh summer.....

  15. wow lovely post..amazing photos and recipe! Thank you for your comments on my blog, they are so nice! I know it takes a lot of time to comment and I appreciate your efforts! Take care

  16. What a wonderful post, your photographs are stunning! I shall look at this post again when we are in the middle of winter to cheer me up :)
    Abby x

  17. Hi Anna, thankyou for your sweet words, so kind of you. I had a great party and was glad that I made the effort for my friends and family. Have a great week, love Linda x