Sunday, 14 August 2011

Getting down to earth

 When approaching my town from the sea, ships must first navigate through the archipelago.

Storm clouds gathering over the archipelago

There are 830 islands: some are little  more than bare rocks sticking out of the sea, others have been home to farmers and fishermen for hundreds of years.  Today, the islands are home to about 4000 people but the population increases to about 30,000 at this time of year, when holiday-makers occupy their summerhouses. 

The air is fresh with the saltiness of the sea and the hardy vegetation struggles valiantly to survive in, this often, harsh climate.

When approaching by air, the islands appear to float in a silken sea

Flying over the archipelago on a sunny evening

and then, we reach the mainland and here is my home town.

My town

In the early years it clutched the riverbanks

but today, it has expanded in every direction.

I can see The Doll House down there

Home again and the Dronning Ingrid geraniums are blooming

and all is well in the secret garden.

It is good to be back home,

 feel the warmth of the summer sun

with the earth beneath my feet.



  1. Nothing better than to get home after a journey - but your 'getting home' seems a pleasanter journey than most Anna! Delightful photos, thank you for sharing them with us :o)

  2. Wonderful photos - both from the vantage point and then down to earth. So very different from where we are and so refreshing to see. Axx

  3. Wonderful photos of your return to home both from the air and back to earth in your lovely, tranquil garden:)

  4. It is always lovely to return home after some time away and how wonderful to fly over those islands...a little different to coming into land at Newcastle Airport...
    Julie x
    PS I think the bench was from Hungary, but it does look a bit Swedish...the blue grey paint with pink underneath was on when I bought it.

  5. Perfect aerial shots! Welcome back Anna, hope you enjoyed your break!

  6. Dearest Anna,

    That was a nice journey home to your lovely place and dreamy garden!
    Love to you,


  7. What a beautiful blog. Thanks for visiting me and I look forward to seeing more of the doll house. It is interesting being transplanted in a foreign country. You will see that on my blog. xo Jenny