Saturday, 30 July 2011

A table-sized lilly pond

The heavy feelings of last weekend have lifted a little.

Summer has, at last, smiled on us and it is wonderful to enjoy the heat of the sun.

Early morning is the most perfect time, before the hot and sultry heat of the day sets in.

The clematis likes the sun too and it is flowering its heart out.

I love to use flowers from the garden indoors but the clematis flowers are not made to be put into vases.

Even so, they are so beautiful

that I have found a different way to use them.

I have floated flower heads in a wide, shallow glass bowl which is half-filled with water.

Then, a glass balloon bobs amongst them.

Finally,  when dusk falls I add  floating candles that drift aimlessly amongst the flowers, twinkling like stars in the night sky.

 A little lilly pond


  1. Hello Anna,
    It's nice to hear that you are enjoying the sunshine today. Your chair looks so inviting and I am imaginging you in your pretty hat and sunglasses soaking up the sun!
    That is a very nice clematis, I like how the flowers are deeper in colour around the edges and they do look beautiful in the bowl, just like miniature water lillies. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Beautiful relaxing post. Thank you Anna!

  3. Hello Anna, glad to read that you're feeling a bit better! Such a great idea for Clematis' flowers!
    I love your sunny corner!

  4. Such a sweet post Anna, great idea for the clematis blooms!

  5. It was such a terrible thing that happened last week, so inexplicable, all these lovely young people...We had a similar, senseless tragedy happen in Montreal in the 80's, young women at an engineering school were targeted by this mad man...Yes, the heavy feelings lighten up but you never forget...And life must go on, you must find solace in beautiful things like nature. Those clematis are so cheerful and pretty, they look lovely floating in this mini-pond!

  6. Hello Anna:
    What a really imaginative and attractive way of displaying the flowers of clematis indoors. And we love the way in which you have floated the night lights for the evening. Pretty and practical.

    In 'Clematis and Climbers', one of the gardening books we wrote, we could, had we had your idea, included something on displaying these lovely flowers in dishes as you have here.

  7. Hello again Anna,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and being my newest follower!

  8. Hello Anna!
    What a lovely idea with a little pond, and this time of the year is amazingly beautiful!

    Thank you for your lovely words, they mean a lot to me!
    Have a wonderful evening!
    ♥ Susanne

  9. Just a lovely idea for the clematis flowers Anna. Thankyou for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. It is interesting to note that you have similar frustrations in Norway, perhaps its the northern climate? Perhaps you and I should start a revolution in each of our countries? Have a great week and I hope the weather stays good for you, love Linda x

  10. I am happy to hear that your heart is a bit have created a lovely spot to relax in!

  11. Hello Anna,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It has been a pleasure to pay a return visit!

    When terrible things happen, it is often the simple, beautiful things in life that help us to carry on. Your home exudes peace and calm. I love your idea of floating clematis flowers in a glass bowl.

    Best wishes,

    Dartford Warbler

  12. A lovely idea, I must copy it. The trouble is, the evenings aren't pleasant enough to sit outside.

  13. Lovely stuff, here! And "A Doll's House" is one of my absolute favourite plays!! Thank you for very kind comments.

  14. Hello Anna
    I love your blog. Thank you so much for 'popping over' to visit mine. My husband is danish. I lived in Copenhagen for 6 years. Your house and photos are beautiful. I love the lightness of Scandinavian design. White, blue and grey, the perfect combination. Best wishes

  15. Hi Anna
    Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your comments.
    Your blog is now on my bloglist and I will love to follow it in the future.

  16. Dearest Anna,

    Thanks for following me and here I am, following you back. Why don't you install Google Friends Connect on your blog? It is very easy to do and will yield you lots of friends too.
    Have a great week and keep posting these lovely stories with great pictures!
    Love to you,


  17. Bonjour Anna,
    Glad you are having some beautiful sunshine..still getting some rain here in Paris. Happy you cam by to visit, now I have found you and I am a new follower.
    Have a good week,

  18. What a beautiful way to use your clematis them floating with the candles!!

  19. Hi - thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! Have a look at some of my older posts to see my before and after piccies of my house as we are slowly doing it up!

    I will have a look through your blog too!


  20. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for visiting me and your beautiful comment I have read 3 times :)

    I will love so getting to know you and what you inspire so much better!

    Have a beautiful week :)

  21. Hi Anna

    The early morning is always my favourite time, the day is still quite apart from the birds and it is warm enough to sit out with my first cup of tea - typical British...

  22. I was thrilled to visit your beautiful spot. Mornings are perfect in my neck of the woods here in Brisbane Australia. It was a pleasure to become another follower at your special Dolls House. Hope to see you over at my place soon. Take Care

  23. Hey You

    Thanks for kind words!


  24. Oh How I love your sweet blog...thank you for leaving a sweet comment on mine the other day. Your little sitting area is adorable...thank you so much for sharing. Off to read some of your past posts and see what I have been missing. xoxoxo Hugs