Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring outside Spring inside

The exuberance of the birds in springtime is contagious.  I 
cannot remember  a March when the dawn chorus has 
heralded such sublime days.  

The woods are only a few steps from The Doll House.  Here,
it is possible to walk for miles, skirting the banks of the 
man-made dams and the small lakes that are strung together 
like a string of pearlsNow, in spring, shafts of  sunlight 
 illuminate the brown carpeted forest floor and beyond lies 
the glittering ice blue water.

In the garden, even while the last snow-pile melted away like 
the foam on a cappuccino,  the snow drops gathered with 
demurely bowed crowns.  Then, the crocuses brashly 
popped-up in both expected and unexpected places. 

Now, in April, Arctic air has chilled the euphoric feeling of 
spring  and even the birdsong has lost its rapture 
but the hardy snowdrops and crocuses are 
blooming valiantly in the 
wintery sunshine.

So, it seems that Easter promises evenings in front of the fire 
as we find comfort in chocolate.  

My thanks to Mariette
of Mariettes Back to Basics 
for her Blog Award
 Thank you Mariette
I am truly honoured.

Happy Easter


  1. Hello Anna:
    What a beguiling post and so beautifully illustrated by your very atmospheric photographs. Spring does seem to have made an appearance and then gone back into hiding again. But, as you say, the brave spring flowers are standing tall.

    And, we too have taken refuge with chocolate. Large cups of steaming hot chocolate in our favourite café is the perfect way, we find, to weather the chill.

    Wishing you all the joys and happiness of this Eastertide.

  2. What a beautiful post Anna, stunning photos and lovely, sincere words.
    The weather here too has changed again. Wishing I could take refuge in chocolate!
    Wishing you a very happy Easter.
    Rose H

  3. Dearest Anna,

    Your post is so lovely; as usual! You certainly have a knack for creating beauty inside the home. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter!


  4. Congratulations with your award darling !!...nice corners in your beautiful home...enjoy this easter week...love from Holland...xxx..

  5. I love spring and we here in Missouri are having a beautiful one. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. What a lovely spring and Easter post, Anna. I have always enjoyed the forest and the lake. We would have picnics with the family in places like this. Such a peaceful place to be.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Wonderful post! I love the white vignettes. I am disappointed the Easter Eggs are not all white and grey!!

  8. What a beautiful post. Thank you.

  9. Your posts and pictures are always filled with so much poetry!
    Happy Easter Anna!

  10. I enjoyed reading your post Anna. It is so cheerful! The Easter decorations in your house look lovely!

    I wish you and your family a Happy Easter,

    Madelief x

  11. Your mosaics and spring flowers are lovely and that is a wonderful photo of the path through the woods. I'm amazed at how advanced your spring is compared to ours. We are expecting another 15 to 20 cm of snow overnight and tomorrow. In fact there's a winter storm warning for much of Alberta - spring will come eventually but it certainly takes it's time where I live. Congratulations on the award Anna!

  12. What gorgeous photos! Things are blooming here, but it's still 'blooming' cold! Just back from six weeks in Australia, waaay behind on reading and commenting!

  13. Thank you Anna for your very kind comments, I really appreciate them:o)
    I promise you I'm no photographer, getting those pictures was entirely good luck.
    Hope the weather is being kind to you. Have a lovely weekend.
    Rose H

  14. The inside and outside of the house are full of spring flowers. How beautiful they are!! Your sense of beauty is great!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. We have had a beautiful spring, everything is so ahead of time. Trees are fully leaved out. I need to do yard work, can't seem to get the power to start. Richard from My Old Historic HOuse.

  16. I love your dining area and all the flowers. I'm your newest follower from the U.S.

  17. Hi Anna - I seem to have missed your more recent posts but was so glad to see your comments on my blog earlier this week. This is a glorious entry - that forest is unbelievably gorgeous.
    It's been pretty cold here too and I have no little flowers poking up in my garden to cheer me - no garden! One day, we'll find our place and I will make sure I have spring flowers every year.
    Lovely to see your photos - as ever, they are exquisite.

  18. Glad to see you are back, Anna, although I am very late with this comment.
    Coming here is like buying an expensive magazine; thank you for letting me have a glimpse into a beautiful world.

  19. Such a pretty post... I love it when the earth starts to walk up. Your home is lovely. xoxo

  20. Hi Anna, your blog and your photos are so beautiful! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and I'm glad you are enjoying my posts. Thanks so much for subscribing - I am returning the favour!


  21. Heaven! Your photos are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. Also, thanks for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Toodles, Kathryn

  22. Hi Anna - so gorgeous - lifted my spirits no end. Thank you F x

  23. Dearest Anna,

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment. You are more knowledgeable about fine fabrics than the average person; compliments.
    How is Anna doing? Hope you're okay and enjoying life.
    Wishing you a lovely spring period and sending you sunny greetings with love,

  24. Hi Anna, what a lovely post. I love your room and your words and all the pretty flowers, so beautiful. Thankyou so much for your visit and lovely comments, it is really good to be back. I think the time for tea varies from region to region doesn't it, and then there is High Tea, something I wish they would bring back into fashion, as I just love it! So glad you liked my funny clock, if you weren't so far away, I would come and paint one for you. Lots of love to you, Linda x

  25. Hi Anna,
    I get so much joy from following your blog.
    Your photo's are exceptional and I always feel like I am sipping tea and eating something delicious at your table.
    Thankyou Anna
    Belinda x

  26. Hi Anna,
    So happy to find a visit from you and your sweet words to warm my heart.
    Oh, to sit a spell at that lovely table and smell the flowers ...
    It's as if I'm almost there!

  27. Hi Anna, me again - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, which I found very flattering - I certainly would not presume to put myself on the same level as Van Eyck as an artist!! However, it is a challenge and a privilege humbly to ally my creativity with his and produce something new from the combination of both, to give it my own slant, and try to express how his work moves and intrigues me. Enigmatic - that's a very good word, and I wish I'd thought of it myself so that I could have incorporated it into the design!

    Thanks again,

  28. this is gorgeous, sublime, thanks for your inspiration