Sunday, 13 May 2012

"A Ghastly Parody of Spring"

May began with such promise but then came snow, wind, frost 
and rain.  So, we had returned to our winter woollies, but today, 
the wind has chased away the rainstorm clouds and we 
have dusted-off the garden furniture and taken it out of 
winter storage in the outbuilding. 

 We have been told that, during the war, a cow was kept here.  
The climbing hydrangea on the east wall is just coming into leaf and the magpies are foraging for those special finishing touches for the enormous nest they are building in the pear tree.

Torrential rains have made it impossible to mow the grass and the lawns have grown into wild meadows with drifts of tiny mauve, pinky flowers which, I'm sure, any cow would consider a delicacy.   I don't know what they are but these wild flowers, (some might call them weeds), are now prettily decorating the whole house.

My geraniums have survived a long, cold winter in the Doll House cellars and now deserve plenty of sunshine and heat.

However, the evenings are so cold that we still crave the warmth from the wood-burning stove in the chill of dusk.

I found this decanter in a second-hand shop: it beckoned me from a distant shelf where it stood, forlornly ignored by  the many "treasure seekers". It is stamped with the mark of the Bergdal Glass Studio and on closer examination, is etched with the signature of Mats Theselius who designed this for Swedish Glass in the 1990s. So, I decided it deserved this little silver Danish wine label.

The very spindly blue glass  candlestick was made by Wedgwood and considering the thinness of the stem, it is a miracle that it still survives.  It's twin, sadly didn't. 

So, while "rough winds do shake the darling buds of May" I sit toasting my toes in front of the fire,  reflecting on

May 2012 - "A ghastly parody of spring"



  1. Hello Anna:
    The spring may, indeed, have arrived rather late for you and, from what you say, in the most uncertain manner but this post, despite all, is a delight to look at with so much promise of what is yet to be.

    The former cow byre is such an attractive building and must, we imagine, provide very useful storage for garden items. But the frustration of the grass being too wet to cut, something which we experienced so often during our Herefordshire gardening days.

    Here, after a week of temperatures around 30C, the day is damp, overcast and very much on the chilly side - 'a ghastly parody of spring'!

  2. Happy day

  3. We have gone from freezing, damp days to an overwhelming heatwave of 30 degrees - but even so, 'a ghastly parody' - oooh, what an unpleasant feeling that gives me. Sorry, Anna - your photographs belie these words and so, although you still have chilly toes, don't worry, spring will still spring, I'm sure. AXXX

  4. Dearest Anna,

    Well, you might have gotten a late start but you are literally blessed with enough rains! Wish we had some of it. Only today it rains but we were years behind and lost so many trees and shrubs due to the drought and heat of last year. Our soil is very poor and has no water holding capacity.
    Your garden looks lovely and the outbuilding is perfect for storing away the summer furniture. Hope you can now enjoy it in the coming weeks.
    You got lots of geraniums to sprout back into full growth and you also found nice treasures. Enjoy all of it.
    Sending you lots of love,


  5. Hi your pictures cheer me up a little. I have had a week off work and for once in a long time the children have been at school. This weather however, has been very limiting. It is the time of year to get my horse and trap out but it is far too cold and wet. My mother has heard that May and June are to remain cold I feel we may have a nice late summer & autumn I hope so.x

  6. Spring is slow in coming here as well. We've not had snow this May but have in other years so I'm still crossing my fingers. Your photos of the treasures you've found have a lovely quality of lightness. Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  7. And even when the sun shines, it's so cold outside! Everywhere here I listen to people complaining that their seedlings won't grow. My garden's weeds, however, are thriving.....

    Love your thin-stemmed candlestick.

  8. I've only begun to notice that the weather isn't quite as winterish - no more long underwear, running in shorter pants, the heat doesn't come on as often... there are leaves on the trees now, but most of my tulips got blown to smithereens. There are warmish, sunny half days now and again - I'll take what I can get!

  9. So live in such a beautiful area.
    Our weather is finally warming up!
    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me.
    Happy week.

  10. Hello Anna
    What a sweet post, I love the shots of the magpie, one of my favourite birds - the colours are amazing when the sun is on them! Happy for you that Spring hhas sprung at last.
    Your special find decanter is lovely, and so enchanting in your vignette too :o)
    Thank you for your comments on little hoggie May, they were so sweet - and made me smile :o) There's no 'To Let' sign going up just yet though I hope ;o)
    Just hope all this layed on sevice is enough for her.
    Hope the weather continues to warm up for you and the sun shines brightly.
    Rose H

  11. Oops! Really should have checked before posting...they should have read - 'Spring has sprung'
    and 'laid on'.

  12. Love the Spirea(?) in the last photo. Whatever the weather, Nature still carries on doing its thing in correct order!

  13. I never think of May as a ghastly parody of anything lol! It is my favourite month of the year, and we usually get very good weather in May (yes, I know this year was a bit different). It is also the month of my birthday! I love all your beautiful photos - your little outhouse is charming! Gorgeous antique finds, too. All beautiful.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and well done reading through such a long post! Yes, it's a truly amazing collection! and the fossils are mostly local too.


  14. This is so sweet! I will be so happy if you want to follow each other! What do u say? Kisses

  15. I just tried to comment but it disappeared. Hope this works this time. Love the flowers in the meadow (and love the word 'meadow' too, it's not used enough!) Also really like the wire domed thingy with the fleur de lys on top.
    Ruth x

  16. I hope with June have come warmer winds?

  17. Heisann!

    Litt gøy å se at vi har flere av de samme temaene på bloggene våre. Du ser det fra en innflytters vinkel - jeg som en som er født her!
    Egentlig lette jeg etter informasjon når empirehuset på Isegran ble oppført .... og havna her!
    Ha fortsatt flott uke ;:OD)

    PS hovedbloggen min er DS

  18. Heisann!

    Takk for den nyttige informasjonen. Jeg har alle bindene i 'Fredrikstad leksikon' og Kråkerøyboka - mulig det står der eller i en Mindreae Alv, men har ennå ikke hatt tid til å sjekke det. Nå slipper jeg det. Flott ;:OD)

  19. Lovely place to live. Richard from My Old Historic House

  20. Hello Anna, oh I do hope that things have warmed up a little since those chilly May days? The weather has been very changeable here, we have had some really hot, wonderful weather and some cold wet and windy too. (We are on the latter at the moment).

    I love your outbuilding it is really pretty, and you have such lovely little bits and pieces in your home too. Shame about the glass candlestick. I seem to specialize in single candlesticks too, for one reason or another.

    Thank you for your visit and lovely kind comments. It is good to be back in blogland, such an inspiring and uplifting place. Glad you enjoyed my alfresco lunch, hopefully it will soon be a reality for us both. Have a wonderful weekend, with love. Linda xx

  21. Wishing you a great weekend! Love from us! / emelie and elin

  22. Hi Anna,
    I wish I could send you some warmth, as we are having record heat here in Miami.
    But I am glad that spring is finally looking your way. Great finds this week, too.
    Gorgeous vignette!

  23. A ghastly parody of spring? I love htat!! May was certainly just that in England - rain, rain and more rain!! I shall remember that quote for next year!!